SYN-CA-AZ-400 - AZ-400 with Azure Boards | Certification Training

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Course is designed for DevOps Engineer

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Course Overview

In this session you will learn about the agile planning, portfolio management tools, and processes provided by Azure Boards. We will also cover how they can help you quickly plan, manage, and track work across your entire team. You will explore the product backlog, sprint backlog, and task boards, which can be used to track the flow of work during the of an iteration.


In this session, you will create and setup an Azure DevOps project; add teams to your project; create, import, and manage work items; customize the project’s boards; and explore different views of your work items, and organize them into sprints.


AZ-400 Certification course

Course Outline

Create a New Organization and Add a New Team
Create Work Items and Manage Capacity From the Sprint
Customize the Kanban Board and Create a New Process
Create a New Query Item