SYN-CA-AZ-400 - AZ-400 with Build, test and deploy in Azure Pipelines | Certification Training

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Course is designed for DevOps Engineer

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Course Overview

Leveraging DevOps concepts requires advanced tools to increase agility and ensure consistency. In this course, DevOps with GitHub and Azure: Implementing CI/CD with Github Actions, you’ll learn to leverage the powerful features of GitHub Actions to build, test, and deploy your code and containers. First, you’ll explore the syntax of GitHub Actions workflows and learn how to deploy to Azure services. Next, you’ll discover more advanced topics like security and self-hosted runners. Finally, you’ll learn how to integrate automated testing into your DevOps process. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of GitHub Actions needed to configure secure CI/CD to Azure.


GitHub is a powerful platform for implementing DevOps and has close integration with Azure. This will teach you how to use GitHub Actions for Continuous Integration and Deployment to Azure.


AZ-400 Certification course

Course Outline

Understanding GitHub Actions
Exploring GitHub Actions Workflows
Security for GitHub Actions
Configuring Runners
Implementing DevOps Testing