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An IT certification is a recognized benchmark mapped to a specific skill set based on role of employees within an organization. A certification demonstrates employee’s dedication, motivation, and technical knowledge on a specific scope of technology and platform. A relevant certification does add credibility to an organization’s portfolio. When it comes to businesses, a certification can be related with any of the three categories- corporate, profession-based, product-specific or role based.

Acknowledging that IT roles cover a wide range of responsibilities, and touch a range of technologies, it is important that certification is more job or role specific than simply in-depth knowledge of a specific technology. Certification is to prepare for well-constructed role ensure IT professionals' skills align with the responsibilities they have. These certifications need to be kept current with new features while services are added to the solution area and job role. On top of that setting-up technology practice within the organization will require having employees certified in different technology roles within the practice.

Challenges faced by the Organization

  • Hiring certified resources on the latest technologies is expensive.
  • Building skilled role-based Competency
  • To ensure the certification exam pass percentage increase
  • Keeping place with involving certification landscape for new roles
  • Building a large capacity of certified resources
  • Balancing certification and implementation skills.
  • Lack of end-to-end certification solutions

Customer Benefits

  • Certified employees will enhance the credibility of the organization to deliver on projects and give them an edge over competition in winning deals.
  • Certified employees will have deeper knowledge of technology in each scope that will help smooth execution of projects.
  • Certified employees will be able to deliver on their role more efficiently.
  • Investing in certification helps an organization in improving employee goodwill and retention.
  • Having certified employees in different technologies roles enables organizations to set up technology practices.
  • Having certified people enables organizations to get qualified for the different partner programs and specialization provided by OEM.
  • Certification will benefit both organization and employee by demonstrating to customers a continued dedication to improvement and innovation.
  • Certification will help organization to stay current with trends and technology, that will provide more current recommendations and services to customers; and it can impact the organization’s bottom line also.

Solution Highlights

  • Certified SME -Outcome based model.
  • Diverse Certification offering portfolio cutting across multiple practices.
  • Data & AI, Infra & Collab, Data & BI, IoT, Dev tools & Languages and DevOps
  • Exam assistance with exam prep session
  • Comprehensive blended learning experience
  • Learning Interventions – Technology Hackathon

Synergetics Certification Hackathon Solution

Our certification Hackathon solution will ensure to deliver more than just building technical skills and make people certified on respective technology scope. It will prepare employee for roles organizations need to fill and provide solution including problem-solving, critical thinking, as well as technical specializations, hands-on experience, and practice requirements, which help organization to skill up for in-demand IT roles.

Synergetics's certification solution covers each of the company’s significant technology areas like server, database, developer, operating system, and Office applications which is fully valuable to employees and employers. Our certification solution is designed to help both employees and employers at various stages of an employee’s career with the organization.

Execution Approach

Learning Consultancy

  • Skill Gap Analysis
  • Role mapping to certification exam

Learning Delivery

  • Certification week
  • Deep dive model new roles
  • Virtual Labs
  • SME alignment
  • Scheduling

Learning Assessment

  • Summative and Formative Assessments
  • Pre and Post Assessment
  • Exam prep sessions/ongoing email support

Managed Services

  • LMS Enrollment
  • Self-Learning Resources
  • Learner reporting

Delivery Options

  • ILT/VILT/Blended

Why Synergetics Certification Hackathon Solution

  • To build scalability and reduced time to market with certified resources.
  • To build diversity in workforce for different roles, practices
  • To achieve effective cost management and reduced per participants training cost
  • To have a controlled delivery of learning and investment outcomes

Certification Hackathon Courses

Course Title & Code Persona Practice Area

AZ-400 Certification workshop and Hackathon

DevOps Azure Data Engineer View

AZ-204 Certification workshop and Hackathon

Dev Tool & Technology OSS, Infra & Collaboration View

AI-102 Certification workshop and Hackathon

Data Analytics & AI Azure AI Developer View

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